This is a blog assignment for the students of Dr. Joy C. Schaefer‘s section of Film Culture (Fall 2018), which is housed in the Department of Visual & Media Arts (Film & Video Program) at Grand Valley State University.

A) In 1200-1500 words, write about your experiences at a public film screening—preferably one that has an introduction and/or Q&A, is part of a series, or screens in an independent venue. I encourage you to go to a venue that you’ve never been to before, such as Wealthy Theatre or UICA; however, if you’re not able see a film off campus, you may catch a screening at Kirkhof or another GVSU campus venue. The film need not be U.S. American, and it may be either a short film, long film, or series of shorts. Remember to turn your phone completely off during screenings—no texting.

Be sure to comment on the following:

1) The basics (e.g. where; when; is it part of a film program, festival, or series?)

2) The film(s) themselves: director, year, nation, film form and content, and your brief review or analysis of the film(s)

3) The Q&A/intro, if there was one

4) The screening space/venue and general atmosphere of the event

5) Audience reactions!

In addition, make sure your post—which will be visible to the public—is polished and proofread. To this end, I highly recommend you consult with a GVSU Writing Center tutor, either online or in person, before submitting your post—and plan accordingly. Make sure your tutor emails me your session notes.

B) In 300-400 words, respond to another student’s post with questions and/or comments.

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