Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

“Do you remember the first time you saw a dinosaur? The first time you see them, it’s like a miracle. You read about them in the books, you see their bones in museums but you don’t really believe it. They’re like myths. And then you see it. Your very first one alive.” The quote previously stated is one from the Film Jurassic World: A Fallen Kingdom. The quote was stated by one the protagonist Claire, one of the leading female roles that was performed by Bryce Dallas Howard. This installment of Jurassic World was predominantly filmed on a ranch on a Hawaiian Island and in the United Kingdom. The duration of filming this movie took place in the month of February and was completed in the month of July in year 2017. This film was made as a sequel to the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films. This last edition focuses on the two most important protagonist Claire Dearing and Owen Grady being asked to help save the remaining of the dinosaurs that were living on the island. These dinosaurs need saving from the island because it is about to experience a volcanic eruption. If they aren’t saved they will all die. Owen and Claire agree to do this, only to find out that they had been tricked into helping capture the remaining dinosaurs instead of rescue them, so that their genetics can be used to create other species like them. Owen and Claire were imprisoned and the dinosaurs were put up for auction, where millions and millions of dollars were being bidded for them. The two of them use the help of one of the dinosaurs to break free, and correct the wrong decisions that have been made by others.

This film was directed by J.A Bayona with some help from original Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg. The film was released for movie theater viewing, in the United States, on June 22nd year 2018. The Jurassic Park movie series focuses on the idea that dinosaurs are not all horrifically terrifying as they are presented and said to be. The series emphasizes on the fact that people love dinosaurs, and dinosaurs are capable of doing the exact same things. With proper treatment, of course, from humans, dinosaurs are able to give the same love and compassion that is given to them. For example, Owen raised, trained and cared for the velociraptor Blue. He showed her care, love, and sensitivity, and in return she did the same to him as she grew into a bigger dinosaur due to the fact that he showed her emotions and made her feel comfortable.

There was no Question and Answer section to this screening of the film Jurassic World: Kingdom Fallen. It was also not a very intense or established interactive film screening either. However, the audience’ reaction would have made it seem to be otherwise. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is an action film. Therefore, It is loaded with a ton of different scenes that make the viewers of the film jump, make a funny sound, or stand from the seat they are sitting in possibly. Throughout the film screening, I noticed that people were jumpy when certain scenes were playing. For example, Blue has a fight with a prototype dinosaur and she has to save Owen, Claire and Maisie because the prototype was chasing and trying to kill them. At the end of this particular scene Blue defeats the other violent dinosaur, and is displayed as the victor in the film while she stands on top of her opponent. The audience constantly made sounds in regards to this scene as it was happening. The people viewing the film screening, including myself, were happy to see that Blue was able to help save Owen, Claire, Maisie and all the other dinosaurs. At this point in the film, there are some people giving small claps and other people making approving sounds and comments, such as saying “yes!” or “Go Blue!” or by simply making the basic “oohh” or “aawww” sounds. There were other scenes that also brought out different reactions from the audience. For instance, there is a scene where Claire and Owen are also trying to fight and defeat the prototype dinosaur as well. Claire gets hurt and Owen refuses to leave her. However, she urges him to go and save Maisie, who was running from the prototype as well. Owen still hesitates and to give him confidence Claire kisses him. This scene was a more romantic scene, and it made the audience react in a more sentimental way. This scene defined Owen and Claire’s relationship, which made the audience react in ways that ignited emotions. Someone even stated “Finally!”, which indicated that Claire and Owen’s budding love story is something that most of the Jurassic World film series fans enjoyed, because it expressed love in a series that was created with the intention to have the audience constantly jumping in slight fear or surprise.

Another scene from the film that made the audience react in a certain way, was the scene where the antagonist Mills exposes the fact that Maisie is a clone. Mills tries to get Maisie to come with him, but she refuses because she knows she won’t be safe with him. He demands for to return to his side, and in response she runs behind Owen and Claire and they stand in front prepared to defend her. In order to hurt Maisie Mills tells them that Mr. Lockwood’s daughter never had a child before she died. He states that Mr. Lockwood simply wanted his daughter back in his life, so he created Maisie. In complete awe and shock Owen and Claire look at Maisie, who is also very shocked and confused by the news that Mills had exposed to them. Just like the reactions of the characters expressed shock and surprise, the audience was also shocked and surprised. Someone in the theater stated “Oh my gosh” in disbelief, while others replied with “wow”.

The location of this film was GVSU multipurpose building Kirkhof Big Screen theater. The set up is supposed to be the resembles an actual movies theater. There are comfy relaxing chairs in columns and rows which is very similar to a movie theater seat assortment. The room was quiet, for the most part, because people were extremely interested in the film that was playing. To my surprise, although they were in the room, cell phones were silenced because people were actually paying attention to the film and what was happening. The lights were dimmed, like a movie theater should be. Also in Kirkhof are different places to get food, which is similar to real movie theater as well. My initial thoughts with having to view a movie at this location weren’t that positive. I thought some people would be a disturbance to the viewing of the film, but I was wrong. Everyone respected that a movie screening was happening. There were no distractions made and or happening throughout the movie, and that made the experience much much more enjoyable. The people who came to view, including myself, was very much into the movie because of this reason.

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